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Superior Rehabilitation Services can be retained by insurance carriers, employers, attorneys, individuals, or other health care or vocational providers.

All you have to do is call, write, fax, or e-mail and we will begin the case management services you request within 24 hours. Unless otherwise requested by you, the customer, we will provide you a verbal update within 14 days and a concise written report with accompanying detailed invoice within 30 days. We are open and flexible as to the report format and can provide what best meets your individual needs.

Fees for our services are based on the actual time and expenses expended. We are open to discuss our fees for extensive projects or specialized proposals and multiple referrals in one geographic area.

Superior Rehabilitation Services
P.O. Box 367
Iron Mountain, MI 49801

Florence, WI Phone 800-774-9067 or 906-774-9067
Fax 906-774-9002