Medical Case Management
Catastrophic Case Management

Superior Rehabilitation Services provides a full scope of medical case management services for injured workers, individuals experiencing a catastrophic injury due to auto accident, or persons with serious / chronic illness.

Our medical case management is based on a proactive approach of coordination and case management of all aspects of patient care and controlling cost.

Our consultants move quickly to clarify the diagnosis, the treatment, the prognosis, and the usual recovery time.

Within 24 hours of receiving the assignment of a case our staff is contacting the appropriate persons for the initial assessment (injured / ill person, physicians, employer, or family members).

In worker's compensation cases we are committed to assisting the injured worker in gaining maximum medical improvement in the shortest time period. We work with the injured worker, the physician, other care providers and the employer to coordinate a return to work with or without accommodation.

In a catastrophic case management where return to work may not be a main issue, we work with the insurer, the family, and care providers to assure cost effective quality care and the attainment of mutual goals.